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Ask Me Anything

Personally, I love people and helping them. So I have made myself open to anyone to ask a question. Maybe we can both learn?


My entrepreneurial path led me to ArcticStartup, a company that truly cares about helping others find their meaning through entrepreneurship.


Podcasts and audio are going to be one of the major ways of how people communicate, so I try to embrace it through Podcasts and Audio content.


Writing is a way to make sure your ideas crystalize and internalize. It can also help others crystalize and internalize their own ideas, not mine.

Delivering The Message

For me, talking to people is the best way to learn and to also help others. So I am always open to public speaking, workshops, and other appearances.


If you know, you know.

How do you overcome disappointments / negative feelings? What would be your advice for a person who has a tendency to wallow in things they can’t change?

Originally asked by Milla. There are three rather big parts to your question. So let's tackle them. First, let's tackle the feelings - as it is a little easier to start here. Then we can move on towards disappointments. The word "negative" next to feelings, is...

Is true meaning a process of reflection and action? What are some reflection tips?

Original Question by Micah Gland: "I'm learning that finding true meaning is often a recurring process of action and reflection. Your thoughts? Reflection tips?" To answer your question, it is important, I find, to be a little more clear on the terms. Words are...

How do you manage your time to stay both efficient and stress-free?

Asked by @valerievspace @Marina_Gretsova. The trick is simple - stop trying to "make it somewhere". The things that we chase the most are the most elusive, and the things we accept as is are the most permanent. It is easy to "get everything done", when you are not...

How much should a non-technical person expect to spend on an MVP?

Originally appeared on Quora. In my experience, anywhere between 500 USD and 5 000 USD. As I have written in my latest blog post, most start-ups undervalue the power of money. That is to say, most think that 5 000 USD is a very little amount to get started, personally...

Can a person with no IT background launch a startup and be successful?

Originally answered on Quora. Absolutely. In fact, I would argue that in almost any company - IT and technology is secondary. Sales and marketing is what makes companies successful. (Technically, its all about the right people) You can have the best technology in the...

About Me

Advocating true entrepreneurship and global unity through personal growth. Not a corporate “robot” / “startup hippie”.