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Dima sarle


What do i do


Ask Me Anything

Personally, I love people and helping them. So I have made myself open to anyone to ask a question. Maybe we can both learn?


My entrepreneurial path led me to ArcticStartup, a company that truly cares about helping others find their meaning through entrepreneurship.


Podcasts and audio are going to be one of the major ways of how people communicate, so I try to embrace it through Podcasts and Audio content.


Writing is a way to make sure your ideas crystalize and internalize. It can also help others crystalize and internalize their own ideas, not mine.

Delivering The Message

For me, talking to people is the best way to learn and to also help others. So I am always open to public speaking, workshops, and other appearances.


If you know, you know.

What questions you should ask when meeting VC’s and Angel investors

Originally asked by J R: I got another one: what are, in your eyes, the most helpful/important questions I should ask when meeting a Business angel/vc for the first time? To answer your question, I think the most important part is to talk about your mindset when...

How do deal with ‘I do not do enough’ feeling?

Originally asked by Valerie: I have a question. I recently got stroked by the feeling that I never do enough. I could always do more. The trick is that in my case “doing more” means leaving myself no chance for recovery. The question is how do I go about this...

How to go to the next level?

Originally asked by Marina: Dima, what would be your main tip of how to switch to the next level? Like a switch ... from a team of few freelancers - to a well functioning growing business collective... ...from a small business owner to a serial entrepreneur... ...from...

MVP: In-house or outsourced?

Originally asked by George: I am curious what do you think about the hiring of outsourcing software development company to build MVP or on later stages for startups? Answer: As @tomaszw rightfully said - "it depends". Which also happens to be my favorite answer to...

How to hire the best talent as a small company?

Originally asked by Tomek: What do you think about bootstrapping vs funding startups? Are there industries where the former is better than the latter? And vice versa. Answer: You raised an excellent point earlier about the difficulty of hiring the best people. So I...

About Me

Advocating true entrepreneurship and global unity through personal growth. Not a corporate “robot” / “startup hippie”.