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Taking Action

To live life is to take action. This blog is all about taking action. Each post will suggest one for you, and I will be sharing my own as I journey on my path toward my dreams.


Ask Me Anything

Personally, I believe that giving is an important part of life. So I have made myself open to anyone to ask a question. Whatever it may be – I will do my best to answer in full.

Following My Path

It is my mission to help people find meaning in life, and to do that – I am open to anything. Mentoring & coaching, speaking, workshops, podcasts. The key thing is to get everyone I talk to – to take action.



Writing is a way to make sure your ideas crystalize and internalize. It can also help others crystalize and internalize their own ideas, not mine.


My entrepreneurial path led me to ArcticStartup, a company that truly cares about helping others find their meaning through entrepreneurship.


If you know, you know. The Original #Earthian.

Are the things you enjoy – real?

Original Question: What do you enjoy doing? Asked by Ingrid in my AMA channel. If you had asked me that very same question four years ago, I would spit out the boilerplate answer: entrepreneurship, billiards, chess, computer games, traveling, partying, etc.  Yet, what...

What Is Essential In Building An Ethical Business?

Question: What Is Essential In Building An Ethical And Sustainable Business? @ Telegram. Answer: Leaving aside the philosophical discussion on ethics, and letting everyone have their definition of it, let us talk about it in the context of running a business. Here, we...

Is Management Meaningless?

Originally asked on Telegram by Elena. Question: Hi guys! Glad to join the group ) :raised_hands: I met Dima at Venture day in Minsk, where he gave a presentation on Management/motivation and purpose. Dima, thank you one more time, it was a great one, that made me...

How To Hire Scientifically & Which Methods To Use?

This post is a part of a series of AMA questions that I receive on my AMA Telegram Channel. Question: Which methods to use while recruiting? Is GMA the most useful tool? How would you comment on this research-based view on recruitment, especially pages 18-20,...

Most Startups Will Never Be Profitable Because Founders Skipped Economics 101

This post is a part of a series of AMA questions that I receive on my AMA Telegram Channel. Question: What are the fundamental elements of success in business in your opinion? Answer: If the question is about financial success or maximizing profits - then the answer...

About Me

Advocating true entrepreneurship and global unity through personal growth. Not a corporate “robot” / “startup hippie”.