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Originally answered on Quora.

Absolutely. In fact, I would argue that in almost any company – IT and technology is secondary. Sales and marketing is what makes companies successful. (Technically, its all about the right people)

You can have the best technology in the world and not be able to make a single sale and go bankrupt. At the same time you can be wildly successful without having any technology at all. Think of companies that resell services, do affiliate marketing, provide consultations, the list goes on.

Taking this a step further, you can sell before you have a product ready and be successful in doing so. One of my friends made a company that helped large organizations migrate data automatically. They made their first deal without having a single line of code written, and simply promised they would migrate all the data in 24 hours if they got the deal. When they did, they hired a lot of freelancers and did it manually, only later making it into a proper “startup”.

Another friend of mine runs a successful IT business without knowing a single line of code and he outsources all of the IT work fully.

When it comes to risks – they are countless. Being an entrepreneur is an inherently risky decision, so you should be able to take risk if you want to be one. The closest comparison I can come up with – it is like being a professional poker player.