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In my experience, anywhere between 500 USD and 5 000 USD. As I have written in my latest blog post, most start-ups undervalue the power of money. That is to say, most think that 5 000 USD is a very little amount to get started, personally I think it can be stretched so far that it is almost too much.

You can read the blog here, where I also go through some ways of how to use the money efficiently:…

Depending on the service/solution you are aiming to provide, I would recommend either outsourcing the development on services such as Elance, Freelance, vWorker (Very good for finding developers).

That being said, a technical co-founder is of paramount importance to the company for a multitude of reasons. Therefore a better and possibly cheaper option would be to look for a technical (You are also less likely to get any serious funding without a good team), try to find a co-founder by using services such as:

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