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Original Question by Micah Gland: “I’m learning that finding true meaning is often a recurring process of action and reflection. Your thoughts? Reflection tips?”

To answer your question, it is important, I find, to be a little more clear on the terms. Words are elusive at best, and often get us into trouble as the same words mean different things for different people.

For me, “true”, is your personal understanding of what feels “absolutely right” at the given moment.

While “meaning” is something that gives you an undeniable and a full sense of purpose for your existence.

So, in my opinion it is healthy to try to achieve a sense of “true meaning” for people, as it will then almost force them to improve the world around them.

As you pointed out, I think that perhaps the best way to do that is to not overthink this and to simply take as much action as possible and reflect on where it takes you and how you feel about it. If you took an action, but feel anger – adjust and take a different action. If you took an action, but feel melancholy – adjust and take a different action. If you took an action, and feel joy – note, record, reflect, repeat.

How is reflection done?

Step 1: learn to recognize your feelings. If you completely ignore your feelings, as many do, then when you take an action you will not even notice your own anger or melancholy and sometimes even joy will be a fleeting feeling that you barely give any attention to. Learn to pay attention to your feelings.

2. recognize which of your actions lead to your feelings and adjust accordingly. It is kinda like testing your product on the market. You keep trying until you find a product-market fit, and then you push in that direction as hard as possible, for as long as possible. Then, along the way, your product-market fit might change, and improve. Nothing is static and “true meaning” is not either.

The first time I figured my “true meaning” out, it was a huge event that I found to be the most profound thing that ever happened to me, but then my “true meaning” started to take shape and adjust almost daily and that is even more rewarding. Hope that helps.

P.S. If you have a question that you would like to ask or that is bothering you, just ask away here.