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Originally asked by J R: Hey Dima, not a big question but maybe still helpful for other founders… I was at your great seminar yesterday and want to ask which service you use to track the views of your presentation slides? I never saw this online tool before but it could be exceptionally helpful for optimizing presentations.


Not a big question, but my goal is always to give big answers. Although there are many services, I think the critical point is to think about using as much data as is available to you.

So, for raising money, and for sales I, for example, use DocSend (Referral link:

What it does is that whenever I send a pitch deck or a sales document, instead of PDF – I send a personal link. When a person opens it – I know exactly when that happened, how long did they spend on the deck, which slides they spent looking at the longest, etc.

There are many alternatives to that particular software. We tried Qwirl, PitchXO, and others. You can also build custom landing pages with many other tools. We are also experimenting now with sending videos instead of pitch decks and sales decks.

However, what is common is data. My goal is to know whether what I am doing is converting, and which part of my content works the best. So whatever tool you choose – choose something. You can even do something like that with Google Docs 🙂


P.S. If you have a question that you would like to ask or that is bothering you, just ask away here.