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Originally asked by Marina: Dima, what would be your main tip of how to switch to the next level?

Like a switch
… from a team of few freelancers – to a well functioning growing business collective…
…from a small business owner to a serial entrepreneur…
…from a horse rider – to a stables owner…

or any other major switch?

I do believe our life quality arrives from our thinking, but how to switch my brain in a new thinking mode, which will take me to the next level, once and for good?

Since I have noticed, the brain tends to operate in the same patterns, following the old lanes, giving the old results. How to disrupt those?


My feeling is, as often is the case, that the answer to your question lies directly in front of your eyes – right in the question itself.

You said it yourself – the brain operates in familiar patterns, and that you feel like you should break them. Well, as silly as it may sound – breaking them seems to be like a good option.

How do you break brain patterns? By braking other patterns in your life. Your routine, your daily rituals, your daily tasks. Change things around, and do them differently. From what food you eat in the morning, to how you exercise, to how you spend time with friends – play around with your routines and cycles, try new ones and see how do those make you feel.

Within the question of the “switch”, I also noticed three different options for you:

Freelancers -> Business
Entrepreneur -> Serial Entrepreneur
Horse Rider -> Stables owner

This points me to think, that perhaps the problem is with choice and the fear of choice? Why list three and not just one direction? Can you wholeheartedly pick one of them to pursue? Which one is the one where your heart is? Why are you not working on that one more than the rest? What is the fear that is holding you back in life?

To me it seems that you have a number of choices in your life, that perhaps are not so easy to make, but what is more important, is that the choice of not choosing, is also a choice. You are consciously choosing NOT to go to the next level. Why? My guess is that you are afraid of what would happen to your idea of yourself, should you actually go that way.

Perhaps it is time for you to sit down and to be brutally honest with yourself and uncover all of your fears to yourself, and all of your desires. Told and untold ones. Hope this helps.


P.S. If you have a question that you would like to ask or that is bothering you, just ask away here.