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Originally asked by Tomek: Probably asked already: what’s your background? Is it technical? Can we argue being technical is more about the “people” anyway? Everything is people’s business in the end…


This answer might get a bit philosophical, but I do not feel that your “background” matters per say. Mine is that of a generalist, with an ability to understand a lot of concepts to a substantial degree, but I need the help of specialists to go deeper.  In essence, I have leveled up as many skills as possible to level 75/100, and as a result, to build my team, I am looking for people with one skill at 100/100 and many skills above 30 🙂

That said, this is not the best or the only way. Some people are making a lot of money without ever interacting with another human being (live), while others base their success purely on social interaction. Same goes for happiness.

For me, the most critical question to answer is – “what is the best way for you?”

If you are happy alone, but social conditioning and our social norms tell you that you must be social – you will probably not feel very well trying to fit in.

While at the same time, if every investor keeps saying that emotional intelligence and people skills are becoming the most critical factor – you might miss out on hiring a good number of geniuses who want to stay at home and code.

Therefore, I think one needs to get under his or her skin and understand what makes them tick. Once you have that – you can figure out how to build your team, your family, your success. Without that – you are going to be swimming in the ocean without any idea in which direction to go.

P.S. I am a very social creature, and I do like to interact with people, and I think that for me – people skills are fundamental indeed.


P.P.S.  If you have a question that you would like to ask or that is bothering you, just ask away here.