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Seriously, I am open to any and all questions. Just join my Telegram chat and ask away. Here are the results.

On Working And Relaxing At The Same Time

Originally asked by Ilkka at my AMA Telegram Channel.  "Do you work always also on vacation? How do you relax? Is it necessary to relax?" The concept of a "job" or "work" is a surprisingly new one, and as such, I feel it is important to remember our history, before...

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How To Choose Your Wealth Generation Path?

This question was originally asked here by @Marina. Interestingly @Marina - your question relates to @Ilkka's question as I now have to put a legal disclaimer: The below references are only an opinion and are listed for informational purposes only. It is not intended...

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Are You Honest With Yourself And Others?

Originally asked by Ilkka: hmm... Ask anything is a dangerous promise. Is there any question in this world you would be afraid to answer? The interesting part of your question for me is the process of thinking about it. What would cause one to be afraid of answering a...

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How do deal with ‘I do not do enough’ feeling?

Originally asked by Valerie: I have a question. I recently got stroked by the feeling that I never do enough. I could always do more. The trick is that in my case “doing more” means leaving myself no chance for recovery. The question is how do I go about this...

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How to go to the next level?

Originally asked by Marina: Dima, what would be your main tip of how to switch to the next level? Like a switch ... from a team of few freelancers - to a well functioning growing business collective... ...from a small business owner to a serial entrepreneur... ...from...

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MVP: In-house or outsourced?

Originally asked by George: I am curious what do you think about the hiring of outsourcing software development company to build MVP or on later stages for startups? Answer: As @tomaszw rightfully said - "it depends". Which also happens to be my favorite answer to...

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How to hire the best talent as a small company?

Originally asked by Tomek: What do you think about bootstrapping vs funding startups? Are there industries where the former is better than the latter? And vice versa. Answer: You raised an excellent point earlier about the difficulty of hiring the best people. So I...

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