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Seriously, I am open to any and all questions. Just join my Telegram chat and ask away. Here are the results.

How to go to the next level?

Originally asked by Marina: Dima, what would be your main tip of how to switch to the next level? Like a switch ... from a team of few freelancers - to a well functioning growing business collective... ...from a small business owner to a serial entrepreneur... ...from...

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MVP: In-house or outsourced?

Originally asked by George: I am curious what do you think about the hiring of outsourcing software development company to build MVP or on later stages for startups? Answer: As @tomaszw rightfully said - "it depends". Which also happens to be my favorite answer to...

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How to hire the best talent as a small company?

Originally asked by Tomek: What do you think about bootstrapping vs funding startups? Are there industries where the former is better than the latter? And vice versa. Answer: You raised an excellent point earlier about the difficulty of hiring the best people. So I...

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How do you know if it is worth going to an event?

Originally asked by Tomek: Is Arctic15 a good place / community / conference for service providers? We _may_ be pitching / doing “sales”. Is it welcome? Or is it rather a place for startups investors relationships? Answer: Will do my best not to sound "salesy" and to...

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